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Anxiolytics - Tranquilizers or calming agents

Symptoms - Sweaty, Dizziness & Phobia

Genetics of depression

Caffeine increases anxiety

Anxiolytics, also called tranquilizers or calming agents, are molecules that act on symptoms linked to anxiety. Anxiety is a completely normal and necessary state of alert associated with worry and fear. It makes it possible to react quickly and effectively in front of a danger (avoidance or defense)

Physical manifestations can sometimes accompany this state: sweating, dizziness, etc. However, when the physical symptoms become disproportionate or inadequate, we will rather speak of anxiety. In our modern societies, where individualism and the quest for performance predominate, various anxiety disorders have found fertile ground for flourishing.

Thus 30% of people would be affected at least once in their life by a disabling anxiety disorder, ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to isolated or repeated panic attack (which will then be called panic disorder), to different specific phobias or not.

In addition to the different therapies that can help an individual to overcome or better control their anxieties, there are a large number of molecules (both chemical and natural) that reduce the symptoms of anxiety. We are going to list them in this site for information, by classifying them by families.

- Benzodiazepines (and molecules with the same mechanism of action).
- Antihistamines
- Anxiolytic antidepressants
- Certain neuroleptics
- Barbiturates
- Herbal medicines.

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